Weebly Site Builder Review: No Coding Skills, No Problem!

Will Weebly Make Building Your Website Easier?

There are many thousands of web hosting companies. Finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. And then there’s the question of whether you should build your own website, use a CMS, or maybe a website builder.

Weebly makes your life easier by providing a powerful website builder along with hosting. But if it right for you? That’s what I’m going to help you to figure out.

Web Host Review: Weebly

When Is Weebly Hosting Right for You?

Regardless who you are, the time will probably come when someone forces you to create a website.

The Plight of the Expert

Even if you’re an experienced internet smartypants, sometimes you need to create a site in a jiffy with no hassles.

So much to think about! Design elements, adding plugins, setting up analytics, marketing. OMG it’s just overwhelming!

The Terror of the Newbie

And if you’re new to building websites (yes, it’s true, there are actually some people out there who have never created a site), it’s as intimidating as h*ck trying to decide how to even get started.

Then there are times when you don’t really need to create a full-blown website, right? A wedding website is a good example. Or a travel blog.

Maybe in the aughts, at the turn of the 21st century, these things required a lot of grunty expertise. But today? Shouldn’t creating a website be easier and cheaper? In fact, you need to save that money so you can spend it on your wedding and travel plans.

Weebly Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 31 Reviews by Weebly Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Brad Johnson avatar
Brad Johnson passion4fashion.co.za
May 08, 2018

I used weebly as its Extremely easy to use. Been using them for years. But now it a Baaaaaad mistake!

Slow editing experience on a site that is larger than the norm. They do not keep up with trends. for example:

lack of Http2
SSL – Only enabled Years later
Lack of Webp Support
Lack on SEO options
Lack of currency support for ecommerce

Actually way too many issues to mention. (just have a look at there community forum to see the Huge amounts of feature requests they have.) They use a voting system to determine which ones are more important to work on.

I personally do not think they truly use this feature. Most weebly users do not understand the technicality behind a website – hence why weebly pays so little attention to the "behind the scenes details". Also lately I have been getting website down notifications too.

The implementation of new ideas takes years. There are still tickets that say that it’s a "work in progress" or "we are considering this" that have been in there queues for years. Support don’t really care about the problem and would 9 times out of 10 send you to the forum. (I am a paying customer).

Now I have been trying to migrate away from weebly. But it’s a mammoth task!

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John Manuj avatar
John Manuj 7sevenmedia.tk
Jun 12, 2018

Weebly is a good web building site with great services, but they ask for a lot of money and the fees are overpriced. The site is easy to build and you can make a site in less than 10 minutes, but their Pro fees are too much for small businesses and sometimes they lack support on their side.

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Donna Stelter avatar
Donna Stelter onehealingheart.com
Jan 10, 2018

I am not a computer girl but I needed a website when I started my own Business. Weebly was simple to drag and drop my information, pictures, add videos. It’s easy to add new pages and items to the store.

I have used the support system a few times and it was not live chat but they connected with me in a timely manner. I am sure if great computer peeps look at my site they may think its looks pretty simple, but for a small business owner whose focus is just on informing clients who I am and what I offer Weebly is great. Thanks for making me feel talented in the website world.

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Todd Mathis avatar
Todd Mathis xarchery.com
Feb 22, 2017

Weebly has many fine features to recommend itself, but the customer service is probably the worst I have ever experienced. I get an email to call customer service over a transfer of a URL from godaddy to weebly. When I call that number, I get a verbal reprimand by a young lady who tells me I was told I didn’t qualify for phone support.

When I explain that I was told to call that number on the Email which Weebly sent to me, she rather gracelessly tells me that this is an automated email that they send out. When I ask her what she would do, she had no answer. They do have an online chat service which is very good, but is generally unavailable.

I have sent multiple emails, None of which have ever been answered over the last 6 months. I have requested to speak to a customer service manager on several email. I’m still waiting for that to happen, and my guess is that it never will.

They have so many great features, it is a shame their customer service is soooooo poor! I’m guessing they aren’t going to be very successful in the long run. It is a shame.

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Len Dames avatar
Len Dames olemic.com
Sep 01, 2017

Weebly is the easiest website builder I have tried so far. Compared to wordpress, weebly gives more convenience to its users. iPage uses Weebly’s drag and drop website builder but with an older version that I wasn’t impressed the first time I used it.

Ipage plans have less cost though. If you want the updated drag and drop website builder, better sign up directly to weebly if you don’t mind paying more. What I am trying to figure out is the SEO options for weebly that we are still trying to work on. Weebly has a very easy to navigate SEO feature but seems to have less options and harder to optimize.

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Jacob Roberts avatar
Jacob Roberts jroberts.net
Apr 11, 2015

Weebly is strictly for people who want to drag and drop, and probably don’t know much about SEO. While Weebly offers the chance to edit CSS and page template Html, doing so basically cuts users off from receiving any helpful customer support. If you generally like a Weebly theme, but think it looks generic without any customizations you can make minor changes to colors and fonts.

Yet no matter what you contact Weebly’s customer service for, they will refuse to help. You can expect to hear basically the same thing every time: "You have to use a standard template. We cannot help customers solve individual coding issues," even when the issue is unrelated to any theme customizations.

I even had one representative tell me that my CSS was the problem when a page went missing from Weebly’s backend page editor. Weebly also hampers your SEO for no apparent reason. Any image files you upload are automatically and permanently renamed to a nonsense string of characters.

There is no way to add title information to an image unless you hand code your page’s image content. Weebly provides an alt text field, but not one for your image’s title. Furthermore, Weebly’s URL structure doesn’t follow your page’s file path.

Even though you might have one sub page, which then has further subpages, the url structure will always ignore anything between the home page and the page you’re visitors on, damaging your SEO. So for this page, it would show www.whoishostingthis.com/weebly instead of www.whoishostingthis.com/hosting-reviews/weebly. There are a number of other issues with Weebly’s service.

The staff is clearly trained to tell you that any issue you have with the site is on your end, not theirs. Their themes are designed to inject CSS into your pages with javascript you can’t edit. I found that I had to clear my cache and reset Chrome to it’s default settings every day in order for Weebly’s backend to appear correctly.

If you want to make reasonable stylistic customizations and have a site with strong SEO, then Weebly is not for you. If you’d like limited customer service, limited SEO for Your Site, and for your site to look like everyone else’s who chose the same theme as you, then Weebly is probably a good fit for you.

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Grimm McPherson avatar
Grimm McPherson brothersgrimm.com
Jul 27, 2014

Weebly is Mediocre. Let me tell you why and the reason why is that it does not have a main outlook on a large demographic which is html programmers. The last time I tried it out thinking that It would work I pasted my code which would work on my Tumblr and had pictures hosted on imageshack so you can’t say "oh Grimm, you idiot you do know that hosting images on Tumblr only works on Tumblr" so it would work on any web-hoster it was a pure blank page.

But on the other hand, It was the first ever web hoster that I used back in 2011 and It has a flawless web design interface and slight sentimentality to me because of it’s history. But instead of that it is incredibly superficial and crappy. If you do want to host a website with many strings attached then use Tumblr. Ok, goodbye.

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Debbie Daniel avatar
Debbie Daniel caninearthritisandjoint.com
Dec 02, 2016

I have been using Weebly for 7+ years. I have watched them grow. I really love Weebly because that’s what I learned on my own and I am comfortable with it.

I found wordpress confusing and a lot more work. Why anyone likes wordpress is beyond me. Weebly is sooo easy to use.

They have changed a couple of things that makes it somewhat tricky..like inserting images in with text. You have to land it just right. The downside of using weebly is Other hosts that offer it charge around $110$120 a year extra for it.

If you use Weebly themselves, the price is much cheaper. Their support is slow. They are 9-5’ers.

It takes two days for an email response. BUT if you call them during Business hours, they are fast to respond and take care of the issue. They do not offer 24/7 support.

Thats huge for me when my site is so large but I do have my smaller websites with them… so overall I am very happy with Weebly except the support not being 24/7. And that’s why the price is lower.

I have tried Wix, Jimdo(not bad), Web.com, webbuilder.com, GoDaddy, Squarespace and a lot of others to try to learn to build..but I found Weebly is still the easiest to use. I won’t be moving on. Staying with Weebly.

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silvio Guerrinha avatar
silvio Guerrinha silvioguerrinha.com
Dec 11, 2014

I like weebly they are good. I have two websites hosted in weebly, I never noticed my websites slow or offline. Their support is fast, multlingual, great.


I had a bad experience with other hosts, that aren’t in your list. please add them:
www.obeyhosting.com , and : www.webhost.Pro

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Makan Dey avatar
Makan Dey boxc.ca
Aug 09, 2014

I think that Weebly is a great website for building a website. Not really hosting. It is great and I have been their customer for about 2 years now with the Pro plan and I was looking around weebly and other website hosting companies and found some of the pro’s and con’s about them.

I think that they have a great website builder that is very easy to use and it is not hard to learn about what the things that you have do. They let you make unlimited websites and unlimited disk space, bandwidth, etc… Their hosting is always up, Haven’t gotten my website down not even once!

Their support reply in 24 hours and when I need their help and all the things they told me I will get, I got! Con’s
I think that for the high price of around $7 a month would be good if we got a free domain with it. Because it was disappointing that when I got it and I saw only the old sub domain for such a high price.

I also think that they should give things like an email for free with your domain for what you are paying. Everything else seems to work fine. But if these issues for the price and what you get, get fixed it will make it better!

So I think that all that is some of the issues and great things for building a website. It is really great for the people that want to build a website with a simple website builder and no hard things to use, then Weebly is great. But if you want a web host that gives you more then that, then I think other companies would be better in my opinion. Weebly isn’t bad and is great to use!

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Why Site Builders Are the New Black

These dilemmas get to the heart of why website builders exist. The web shouldn’t be hard. Your grandma should be able to put up a website for her vaping club if she wants, without needing a degree in thermonuclear physics beforehand.

And you! Yes, you. You don’t have time to create a website from scratch for every great side hustle idea you have. Nobody does, right? Nope. You wanna get that bad boy up and generating some revenue, getting busy bailing you out of the corporate cattle pen.

Weebly Homepage
Weebly’s homepage via WhoIsHostingThis.

Why Is Weebly One of the Most Popular Site Builders?

Even the most rudimentary of searches for a site builder will likely bring up Weeblyas one of the options. There’s a good reason for that. Weebly has a great mix of features for both beginners and those with more experience.

With Weebly, you get:

Feature Description
Speed You can get a website up and running in about 15 minutes.
Responsive Design Your site design will look slick and professional on any device.
Plugins & Apps You can add all the bells and whistles most people will ever need.
Marketing You get tools to help promote your site.
E-commerce You can create an online store easily.

14 Smart Ways to Use Weebly

I’m going to get into the details on what works well on Weebly, as well as what Weebly falls down on, but let’s start with an idea of what you can accomplish with this site builder.

Take a look to see if one of these projects sounds like you.

  1. Wedding website with guestbook, maps, and hotel reservations
  2. Travel diary with big beautiful pictures and a blog
  3. Freelancer or small business website
  4. Brick-and-mortar store looking for online sales and help with marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing or reselling
  6. Team or group website with a calendar, forum, and chat
  7. Test a product concept
  8. Launch a store featuring your handmade products
  9. Local restaurant, including reservations and menus
  10. Charity drive site with memberships, donations, and giveaways
  11. Podcasts with livestreaming or hosted shows
  12. Video tutorials or classes
  13. Blog and launch point for your social media streams
  14. Class reunion website including photos, guestbook, and activity booking.

3 Things Weebly Probably Isn’t Ideal For

Of course, Weebly can’t be everything to everyone. There are some things that require more specialized functionality than Weebly supports.

  1. Web application development (or any site that requires developer access to a web server control panel)
  2. Sites that have integrated marketing automation
  3. Businesses that use a CRM sales funnel.

Our Experience Creating a Weebly Site From Scratch

To test Weebly, I created a free website and took screenshots along the way so that you could see exactly what works and what falls short of expectations.

What Weebly’s Free Hosting Plan Gets You

I’d recommend that most people start with Weebly’s Free Plan.

Advantages of the Free Plan

Although you’ll be missing out on some of Weebly’s features (and online store functionality), you’ll get a feel for whether its drag-and-drop editor is right for you. Free plans come with a decent chunk of storage, too.

You can even get a little marketing help in the form of lead capture contact forms and SEO fields.

Disadvantages of the Free Plan

However, be advised that, if you decide to stick with your free plan, Weebly’s branding and ads will stay on your site.

Also, you’ll be limited to using a subdomain like mysite.weebly.com.

Weebly’s Paid Plans Expand Your Store’s Capabilities

Their lowest paid plan is the Starter plan, which adds on the following:

  • You get unlimited storage, a free domain of your choice, and better analytics
  • You can open an online store with up to 10 physical products
  • Weebly’s branding and ads are removed, but it will take a percentage of your store’s transactions.

Pro and Business Plans

Although you can certainly create a business website or an online store with the Starter plan, there are some benefits to going with a Weebly Pro or Business plan.

The Weebly Pro plan bumps your store up to 25 products and gives you a site search box. You also get phone support. On Weebly’s Business plan you can sell unlimited products without a transaction fee, issue coupons, calculate shipping and taxes, and add digital products to your inventory.

Performance Plan

Weebly’s top-tier plan is called its Performance plan, which incorporates gift cards and more marketing features like email campaigns.

Weebly’s Design Themes Are Beautiful and Responsive

Sometimes the way something looks or makes you feel can be the difference in your purchase decision. (iPhone, anyone?)

That’s what’s so great about Weebly’s free plan. You can comb through the available themes to see if you like any of them.

Unlike some site builders, Weebly’s themes look slick and they’re all responsive to mobile devices. They’ve also grouped templates so that you can import a specific structure, too.

That means if you want to create a wedding website, just select the appropriate theme category and your site will be pre-loaded with all the appropriate pages and menus.

Weebly Event Themes
Some of Weebly’s event themes via WhoIsHostingThis.

You can even tweak the pre-installed themes somewhat by adding custom HTML or CSS.

You Can Also Import Your Own Theme

A little-known fact about Weebly is that you can actually import a theme yourself. It requires a bit more tech savvy to add your own theme, but it’s great to have that option, especially as your site or business grows.

Customizing Themes
How to customize themes via WhoIsHostingThis.

How to Set Up a Weebly site

So let’s walk through what it takes to set up your first Weebly free site, to give you a taste for what that entails.

  1. You can sign up using your email address, Facebook, or Google login
  2. You’ll be asked to choose whether you want to create a website or an online store
  3. Choose a theme from categories like Personal, Portfolio, and Business
  4. No credit card required so far.

A Walkthrough of Your Site’s Dashboard

Next, Weebly asks you for a domain name. You can use a subdomain (free), migrate a domain you already own, or purchase a new one from Weebly.

If you choose to buy a domain, you’ll find out instantly if it’s available. If you want to buy a domain, you’ll be asked to enter your credit card information.

I chose a free Weebly subdomain. From there, you get your first glimpse of the Weebly dashboard. Your site structure’s already been set up and a tutorial popup shows you how to drag and drop elements onto your page.

Dashboard Tutorial
Tutorial on the Weebly dashboard via WhoIsHostingThis.

What’s Lacking on the Dashboard

The dashboard can feel overwhelming at first glance. The absence of automatic help on the dashboard is my biggest problem with Weebly.

If I’m a newbie, I have no idea where to start. On the other hand, if I’m a bit obsessive (let’s face it, I am), I’m tempted to click through all of the features one-by-one to see what they’ll do.

Neither of these reactions is optimal, obviously.

How to Get Contextual Help

To get help, you need to click the lightbulb icon in the far lower right corner of the site builder.

Full Tutorial
Weebly’s full tutorial via WhoIsHostingThis.

Fortunately, the wedding website I created looks pretty great already so it’s probably not in my best interest to fuss with it overmuch. All I need to do is customize the text and images on each of the pages and it’s ready to publish.

The Weebly site builder dashboard loads quickly and the elements I drag and drop respond the way I expect them to, without any jumpiness or lag.

However, I can’t just place things anywhere on the page. I’ve got to make sure I add sections or widgets and move them around in the spaces allotted. (This type of design restriction is pretty standard for site builders, but it can be a little jarring when you first encounter it.)

Before You Click All the Things: A Bit of Advice

Before you dive into all the buttons on the dashboard, get yourself a piece of paper and list all the things you want to have on your website.

Do you want a restaurant menu? A map widget? A contact form? A page for describing each of your services? It’s best to jot these things down before attacking the dashboard. That way you won’t get distracted by all of Weebly’s bells and whistles right out of the gate.

After all, using a site builder is partially about the speed of getting your website up, right?

After you’ve made your list, then take a look at the template you’ve chosen to determine what you need to add, delete, or merely edit.

How to Add a Blog

Since I’m creating a wedding website, I also want to add a page where I can keep an engagement blog so my friends and family know how the planning is going.

I click over to the Pages dashboard and hit the plus sign to add a page. I chose the Blog type and gave it the ever-so-creative title, “Blog.” I can also add special SEO elements to this page that are different from my site’s SEO elements.

Page Types
Adding additional page types to your site via WhoIsHostingThis.

Getting into the blog settings, I decide to have 10 posts visible per page and add social sharing buttons for Twitter and Facebook.

Blog Comments

Weebly’s comment options are fairly robust for a site builder. In fact, you can do some things with a free Weebly blog that you would need plugins to do on WordPress.

There are a couple of other features of Weebly’s comment system. You can use its own comment system or go with Disqus or Facebook. What’s more, you can add CAPTCHA spam protection.

A Weebly blog page comes with an automatic sidebar that lets you add an author bio and shows post categories, provides an RSS feed, and lists past posts.

How to Add an Image

I’m not super keen on this huge blog heading image so I’m going to swap it out. Unfortunately, images aren’t one of Weebly’s strengths. Although I can upload one of my own photos, or snag a free or paid stock photo from Weebly’s collection, there isn’t much I can do with the image after that.

For example, I chose a square picture of a rose, but I wanted to use it as a rectangular (and smaller) header for my blog. It’s not readily apparent how to fix this situation because my instinct was to drag the picture around inside the widget or try to zoom in on it. No can do.

Image Editor
Image editing on Weebly via WhoIsHostingThis.

However, if you click the image you’ll see that Weebly does have a basic image editor. It allows you to do basic stuff like crop, rotate, adjust colors, and add a blur effect. It also has filters that, while not as cool as Snapchat or Pixma, can still add some flair to your images.

For the rose, I cropped it, added a blur effect, and applied the Celsius filter. (Fair warning: I’m no artist!) Here’s the after picture.

Altered Image
After I edited my image via WhoIsHostingThis.

How to Add a Blog Post

Now that I’ve created my blog page, Weebly automatically added it to my site’s menu. (In WordPress, you need to expressly identify pages you want to show on menus.)

It’s a bit annoying but the button for adding a new blog post is underneath the tutorial light bulb in the lower right corner of the dashboard. (You heard it here first!)

Simple Post Drafting Page

If you have any experience with blogging platforms, Weebly’s blog post draft page will look super sparse to you. It’s just a popup overlay with two boxes: a post title and post content.

However, for folks who haven’t blogged before, the simplicity of the interface should assuage any fears you have about blogging.

But Unintuitive Drafting Page

Even though the blog draft looks inviting to type into, you can’t. Very unintuitive, that. You actually need to drag an image or text box into the blog post draft before you can start writing.

I wrote a few lines and added a YouTube video by dragging an element from Weebly’s sidebar.

The post title fought me a bit. I had to click and double-click and I’m not even sure how I got my cursor onto the field.

Drafting a Post
Post drafting page via WhoIsHostingThis.

I can set the post to publish immediately or schedule it for later. If you save it without publishing, Weebly will put it into a drafts folder which appears next to the “New Post” button in the lower right corner of your dashboard.

CAUTION! You can’t undo a deleted blog post.

How to Add an Online Store

Let’s pretend my site isn’t a wedding site and let’s add an online store. I clicked the Store tab at the top of the Weebly dashboard and went through the setup items — contact information, a layout for my catalog pages, and my store currency (US Dollars).

Adding a Product

Now it’s time to add my first product! I can add images, offer options like different colors or sizes, and even add a sale price.

Adding a Product
Adding a product to your Weebly store via WhoIsHostingThis.

You Need a Paid Plan to Sell Stuff

I can keep adding as many products as I like but I can’t start selling them until I purchase an upgraded plan. (All the paid plans come with the ability to sell products.)

Depending on the paid plan you choose, you can also offer coupons, sell gift cards, enable product reviews, and configure customer emails.

Weebly Apps Are Like Plugins

Weebly’s “apps” add optional functionality to your site (they are equivalent to WordPress plugins). Some apps are free but others may cost an additional monthly fee. Also, some apps are available only to paid plans.

Weebly’s own apps include nifty free add-ons like being able to put a callout box on a page, add a tabbed menu style at the top of your site, and an FAQ creator.

As a handy bonus, you can also purchase the Google Suite of products directly from Weebly’s app page.

Creating table grids can be a complete pain in the tuchus in HTML. (WordPress doesn’t even try to offer table creation on their editor without a plug-in.) Seeing that Weebly offered an app called Simple Table, I thought I’d give it a try.

How to Install an App

Some apps, like Weebly’s Simple Table app, let you try a live demo before you commit to adding it to your site. I couldn’t get the table app’s demo to run, but I’d already decided to add it to my wedding site. It took exactly two clicks to add.

The Simple Table app shows up as a widget on the dashboard sidebar under the heading of “Installed Apps.” After installation, the new app was highlighted in blue so I dragged it onto my site to test it.

Simple Table app
Installing a new app via WhoIsHostingThis.

App Collections

Weebly breaks down apps into collections to make it easier for you to browse for helpful apps.

For example, the Boost Traffic collection contains apps that can improve your search ranking and help visitors find your blog. The Spike Sales collection contains apps that improve the function of your online store.

Weebly’s App Store

Weebly’s app store seems to be in its infancy. I wasn’t able to find some common add-ons like MailChimp and Yoast.

It’s likely that Weebly will either grow its partnerships or create its own apps that are competitive.

However, if you’re already using some online tools you should check Weebly’s app center to ensure you can connect your favorite tools before committing to moving your site.

“Ultimately, we aim to provide a complete platform to help people start, manage and grow their businesses successfully, to level the playing field by taking away technology as a barrier, and the enable many more people to pursue the entrepreneurial dream.” —David Rusenko, CEO and Co-Founder of Weebly

Analytics on Weebly

To view your site’s stats, you’ll need to back out of the site builder dashboard. Since my site hasn’t been published for very long and I haven’t entered in SEO information, there’s no data there.

However, even the blank graph can give you an idea of the kind of stats you’ll get with the advanced analytics on a paid plan.

Unfortunately, Weebly doesn’t offer much in the way of helping you interpret your site’s analytics or provide you with strategies for building your audience.

Add Google Analytics

You can add Google Analytics code to your site in its Settings area which will give even those on the free plan more insights into their visitors.

Editing Your Website With Weebly Mobile Apps

If you have an Android or iOS device like a smartphone or tablet, you can edit your Weebly site on-the-go. You can download the Weebly app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

My Experience Editing on My Phone

I took a shot at editing my Weebly site from the app on my Samsung Galaxy S6 (running Android Nougat). I was pleasantly surprised at how much functionality was available on the Weebly app.

  • Add and edit widgets and text
  • Add and edit images — including cropping and adding filters
  • Write a blog post
  • Edit your online store
  • View my site stats and sales numbers
  • I could even create a new Weebly site from the app.

Mobile Site Editing
Several screenshots taken from Weebly’s Android app via WhoIsHostingThis.

Behind the Scenes of a Weebly Website

I took some more snaps of the inner workings of Weebly to give you an idea of what you’d experience as a customer.

Store Marketing

Weebly’s online store lets you create and send emails to your customers.

Store Email Dashboard
Setting up an email campaign for your store via WhoIsHostingThis.

Store Help Documentation

If you get stuck trying to figure out what to do next with your online store, Weebly offers a series of helpful tutorials.

Store Tutorials
Tutorials for getting your store started via WhoIsHostingThis.

Importing a Theme to Weebly

Most people don’t know that you aren’t limited to Weebly’s themes. You can import external themes easily.

Importing a Theme
Upload your own theme or one you purchased elsewhere via WhoIsHostingThis.

If You Like Weebly, Also Look At…

Wix is similar to Weebly in that it’s also a popular site builder. It features a wizard that creates a site for you based on your answers to various questions.

Squarespace is a site builder that focuses on design aspects. It’s great for featuring lots of beautiful images.


Questions, questions! No worries, I’ve got your back.

What’s the difference between creating a website with a site builder like Weebly versus WordPress?

With Weebly, you sacrifice some customization control for ease, speed, and convenience. Weebly takes care of the technical stuff, freeing you to concentrate on your site’s content.

With WordPress, you have control over every detail of your site, but there’s a steep learning curve and potential to make a lot more mistakes.

Can I buy a domain name from Weebly?

Yes. However, you’ll need to sign up for a paid plan (a free domain is included) and you must host the domain with Weebly.

Can I use my own domain for a free Weebly site?

Nope. Free sites are limited to Weebly subdomains (e.g., yoursite.weebly.com).

Can I get my free Weebly site noticed in search results?

Yes. Weebly’s free plan comes with some SEO tools like site descriptions, meta keywords, a place to add a Google Analytics tracking code, a Google Webmaster Tools verification meta tag, and the ability to create 301 Redirects.

Aren’t Wix and Weebly basically the same?

Yes and no. They’re both site builders and thus keep the technical stuff to a minimum. However, Wix offers a great deal more control over your site’s design elements like color palettes and image editing.

On the other hand, Weebly offers a free site (and e-commerce store) that you can use for as long as you like. Wix only gives you 14 days for a free trial and you must subscribe to one of their top tier plans to get online store functionality.

Can I bring the site tools I already use to Weebly?

In some cases, yes. Weebly works with Google Analytics and can allow Facebook and Disqus comments. However, some more advanced website features aren’t available as yet — like MailChimp and Yoast.

Weebly Quick Overview

This quick overview will allow you to more easily compare Weebly with other hosting providers.

Weebly’s Specialty

Weebly specializes in getting personal and small business websites up quickly and easily. Even people without design or technical experience can create a Weebly website or an online store in a snap.

Although Weebly is a site builder focused on drag-and-drop easy, it has a surprising number of advanced features for those who like to DIY.

Migration Policy

Weebly can help you move your existing domain name to a new Weebly site, but they won’t migrate your existing site. You’ll need to manually export your old site and copy its content to your new Weebly site yourself.

A Ton of Quality Online Support Documentation

Weebly’s online support is some of the best I’ve seen from a webhost. Searching help is easy and brings up relevant results. You can also find FAQs and tutorials for beginners and advanced users alike.

The tone of their support articles is friendly and helpful. None of the help pages I came across was out of date.

Video Support

Videos are another of Weebly’s strengths.

Their YouTube channel teaches you step by step how to use its most popular tools.

Blog Support

Also, Weebly’s blog publishes relevant and helpful posts with categories like “How’d They Do That?” (eg, embed a podcast).

Other posts provide tips on how to increase online sales and other helpful issues.

Multilingual Support

Support articles come in nine languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and Chinese.

Control Panel

Weebly doesn’t have a control panel the way other web hosting companies do (like cPanel).

Instead, you log in to see a dashboard of all your Weebly sites. From there, you can click through to each site or check another page to see all the domains you’ve purchased from Weebly.

Site Builder Control Panel

Weebly’s site builder “control panel” is their drag-and-drop interface. It’s tabbed with pages that let you add content and functionality, move widgets around, change or tweak your theme, and manage your online store.


Unlike traditional ISPs, Weebly doesn’t want you to focus on the technological doings behind the scenes. To that end, they don’t make public the locations of their datacenters.

However, they do try to assuage your fears about reliability, stressing that they have “geographically redundant” datacenters. It replicates user data between datacenters and controls its entire network, from switching to routing, and its IP space.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can try out Weebly for free, no credit card required, and keep your free site as long as you like. If prepay a year on one of Weebly’s hosting plans, you have 30 days to request your money back.

However, if you pay monthly, they don’t offer a guarantee, but you can downgrade your plan at any time.

To get your money back, you just need to submit a report ticket requesting it. If you purchased your Weebly plan via a mobile app, you can request a refund via Google Play (for Android apps) or the App Store (for iOS apps).

Weebly’s Lowest Price Plans (That Aren’t Free)

Weebly’s lowest price is “free.” All kidding aside, yes, Weebly does have a free plan that you can keep for as long as you like.

In addition to missing some features (like e-commerce), free plans have three constraints: your site’s domain is a subdomain (e.g., yoursite.weebly.com), your site is branded by Weebly, and your site will run Weebly ads.

Weebly’s paid plans start at $14/month on their month-to-month plan, but if you pay for a year upfront, it works out to $8/month.

Every paid plan comes with the ability to create an online store. However, the cheaper plans have limits on the number of products you sell and how much Weebly takes in transaction fees. Plans without product limits and zero fees start at $25/month on an annual plan.

Also, Weebly’s paid plans come with a free domain, $100 of Google AdWords credit, and $96 in email marketing credits.

Site Backup Policy

Although Weebly’s network is fully redundant, they don’t offer backups of your site. (In fact, they don’t even provide third-party backup apps.) However, they do provide detailed instructions to create your own backups. By clicking one button, you can download a .zip file of your site.

One caveat, your archive backup file doesn’t include your blog posts. You’ll probably have to copy and paste any posts you’d like to backup into a separate file.

Site Builder Included? Well, Duh!

Yes! In fact, Weebly is just one big site builder. That’s its raison d’être. (That’s a fancy way of saying that Weebly has one job: easy site building.)

Weebly PCI Compliance

Weebly says that all of its plans are in PCI SAQ-C compliance. In layman’s terms, this means that they don’t store credit card data on their servers.

All plans also get a free shared SSL certificate. Paid business plans can request a private SSL certificate for their entire domain.

Weebly’s Big Clients

Weebly boasts both Google and online payment gateway Square as clients. It also features a testimonial from a Florida school district on its Weebly Cloud page.

However, it’s unclear as to whether these clients use Weebly’s site builder or are simply using its servers for cloud hosting.

Last 6 months’ uptime


Average response time


Weebly’s Pros and Cons

Looking at Weebly from a high level, it’s easy to see what its strengths and weaknesses are.

Weebly Pros

  1. Free sites
  2. Attractive themes
  3. Excellent online documentation.

Some Details About Weebly’s Pros

Weebly’s themes allow you to build an attractive, responsive site quickly and with very little knowledge required on your part.

On the other hand, if you do have design or tech experience, you can customize your site almost any way you like.

This can’t be stressed enough: Weebly’s online help documentation is outstanding. Their tutorials are clear, with lots of screenshots, and the instructions are up-to-date.

Plus, they have documentation in a lot of different formats and languages.

Weebly Cons

  1. No site backups
  2. Limited extra features.

Some Details About Weebly’s Cons

You must be responsible for your own site backups. Weebly doesn’t offer backup or restore services (and neither do their apps).

There are some features that come with regular web hosting that Weebly doesn’t offer.

This includes quite a lot of things. For example: a full suite of one-click installs, the ability to manage your site and domain from a control panel like cPanel, and the option to add any open source apps.

Final Thoughts

Before trying out Weebly, I figured it would be far too simplistic to be useful for anyone who had web experience. I was wrong.

Good for Beginning and Advanced Users

Instead, I found that Weebly can be as simple or as complex as you wish. It’s great for beginners as well as making life a little easier for those of us with geekier inclinations.

Whether you’re a long-time internet junkie or a fresh beginner, Weebly can help you get a sharp-looking website up and running in a jiffy. Newbies will find it fairly easy to use but it also has a depth and flexibility of features that veteran website owners will appreciate.

It’s Free to Try!

You won’t know until you give Weebly a try. So, what’s the harm? After all, it’s free!

Most Popular Weebly Hosting Plans

Starter Pro Business
Disk Space
Price $8 / mo $12 / mo $25 / mo
Visit Weebly Visit Weebly Visit Weebly

Weebly Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do with Weebly?

    Weebly is a web hosting company that focuses on getting customers online quickly and efficiently with their easy to use web editor. They operate more like a CMS but have enterprise hosting options available.

    A comparable product would be WordPress hosting.

  • What is Weebly’s web editor?

    At the heart of Weebly’s business is their drag and drop website builder. It’s a simple “what you see is what you get” editor that is available to all plans.

    It includes access to themes, free and paid stock images, and plugins and apps from the Weebly app store.

  • What hosting products does Weebly offer?

    Almost all of Weebly’s plans are hosted on cloud servers to manage any traffic spikes for individual websites.

    However, their enterprise range does include the option of a dedicated server. This enterprise option comes with considerably more standard hosting features like cPanel access.

    Contact customer service for more information.

  • What payment options are available? What billing cycle does Weebly run?

    For most plans Weebly bills annually. However, their top tier plan bills monthly. Customers can pay via PayPal or major credit card.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Yes. Customers are offered discounts for signing a longer contract (up to two years).

  • Is there opportunity for customization?

    Yes. All Weebly plans and themes can be tweaked and changed with CSS and HTML. However, the opportunity is limited.

  • Can I use Weebly’s web editor to create an ecommerce store?

    Yes. They have ecommerce plans which include shopping cart software and inventory and product search functionality. They manage all payment options and security for you in exchange for a commission on each sale (similar business model to PayPal).

    It’s worth noting more expensive plans waive the commission fee, so for some companies it will make sense to spend for a better plan at a fixed cost.

  • What sort of support does Weebly offer?

    It depends on what level of plan you get. All plans come with community, chat, and email support. More advanced plans include phone support as well.

  • Is there anything I can’t do with Weebly?

    According to their Terms of Service, most of the usual stuff is banned including adult, illegal, or spamming content.

    They also ban a few notable things like sites with excessive advertising, file hosting, or websites that use custom HTML to create a terrible user experience.

  • Does Weebly offer domain and website migration?

    Weebly has developed a tool which lets you redirect your existing domain to your new Weebly site. However, they don’t offer any migration services. So if you already have a site with another host, you will likely have to manually copy all the content yourself.

  • Can I buy a domain from Weebly?

    Yes. Weebly includes domain purchases with their plans.

  • Is my domain included in the price?

    Yes. When you sign up, Weebly gives you a domain for one year for free. However, you will be responsible for paying for it after that.

  • Does Weebly offer an uptime guarantee?

    No, it is not mentioned anywhere on their site.

  • Does Weebly offer a money-back guarantee or free trial?

    They have a 30-day money-back guarantee for all paid plans that are not on month-to-month contracts. They also will let you downgrade your account at any time and will credit you the difference. See Weebly’s Terms of Service for more details.

  • What applications can I use with Weebly?

    Weebly doesn’t use open-source applications via something like Softaculous. Instead, customers can access Weebly’s own website building software, which takes the place of CMSs and shopping carts.

    Customers also gain access to Weebly’s app store, where anyone can develop apps for Weebly customers.

  • Is Weebly’s free option really free?

    Yes. They offer their free option as an easy way to get someone online. However, your domain will be yourdomain.weebly.com.

    Their free service also limits the size to 500 MB of storage and displays Weebly’s own ads on your site. This revenue does not go to you.

  • Does Weebly offer any marketing support?

    Yes, lots. They have their own email marketing service called Weebly Promote that comes included on their top end plans and can be added to other plans. Each plan also comes with an SEO-friendly website and lead capture forms, and more expensive plans come with robust web stats.

  • Do they offer any marketing credits?

    Yes they do. All paid plans come with credits for Google AdWords.

  • Does Weebly offer backup options for their websites?

    According to their Terms of Service, they are not responsible for backing up your site. The customer is responsible.

  • What sort of security options does Weebly offer?

    In their Terms of Service, Weebly stipulates that security is the responsibility of the customer, not them. That said, they do offer SSL certificates for higher tiered plans

  • How do I get my Weebly site to show up on Google?

    Your website will not be visible on Google until it’s been indexed. You can submit your URL to Google to kick-start this process.

    If you have your own domain, you can also sign up for Google Search Console to gain additional insights about your search engine rankings and keywords.

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